The Volkswagen Group beat out all other automotive groups in the most recent Strategic Vision Total Quality Index survey which compares a vehicle’s actual quality to the desired amount of quality by the driver.  The Volkswagen Group is made up of several auto manufacturers who helped put them at the top of the survey, but the new Volkswagen Golf earned the best marks in the Small Multi-Function segment.

The Volkswagen Eos scored huge points and was number 1 in the convertible category, a car that is often underestimated but is obviously pleasing to drivers.  In addition, the VW Tiguan won the Entry Utility category with 877 points.

The 2013 VW Golf is available at dealerships starting at $17,995 in the US.  It has a EPA certified rating of 33 MPG on the highway for the gasoline engine, and a rating of 42 MPG in the city for the TDI Clean Diesel model.

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31 Aug 2012

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