Earlier this month, Volkswagen launched their brand new 2013 VW Golf, which has undergone some changes in order to be universally pleasing. Volkswagen is looking to the Golf to help raise sales in European markets and are working hard to lower manufacturing costs.

The 2013 Golf will go on sale on November 10th in some areas, though we will probably have to wait a couple of months before we see it in the US. Since Volkswagen has been working hard to develop a platform that can be used in many of their vehicles, they have found a way to save 20% in the amount of money it takes to produce separate platforms. AT least some of these savings will be passed on to consumers, so look for an attractive price tag.

“The flexibility with regard to design of the vehicles at substantial economies of scale, should enable VW to step into new markets and niches faster and more easily than before,” one analyst said of the new Golf platform.

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6 Sep 2012

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