Car & Driver magazine, the premier magazine related to all things automotive, has recently put the 2013 Volkswagen Golf and the 2013 Volkswagen Golf GTI performance edition on their ‘2013 Ten Best Cars’ list. The spots on this list are coveted and being named is a high honor within the industry.

In their article announcing the new Volkswagen Golf and Golf GTI version on their 10 Best list, the magazine says, “Offering nearly ­perfect fundamentals in base form, thrift in its TDI (turbo-diesel) variant, and an obscenely high fun-per-dollar ratio from the GTI, the Golf upends the underachiever’s excuse that you can’t please all of the ­people all of the time.”


The Volkswagen Golf has something its competitors don’t: a higher level of luxury and performance for a lower price.  Volkswagen is also getting a name for itself with their excellent designs and comfort and safety features.

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25 Dec 2012

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