The Volkswagen Beetle in Tacoma has been famous for more than half a century.  The Beetle first made a name for itself as a unique vehicle with an excellent advertising campaign.  It has long been a favorite amongst those who prefer unique and reliable vehicles to all others.  The VW Beetle of today has been improved and is popular for the quality and sometimes nostalgia it provides.

Now, however, the Beetle is famous for another reason.  An Indonesian artist took this iconic vehicle and made an art piece that has become one of the most talked-about pieces around.  The Beetle Sphere is the latest sculpture from Ichwan Noor, who chose a yellow 1953 Volkswagen Beetle as his subject matter, combining it with polyester and aluminum materials to create a giant sphere.


This very impressive piece of art sold for $88,000 minutes after the show opened.

For more information about the Beetle, or to take a look at any VW vehicle, contact Larson VW.

30 May 2013

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