With three of its cars in the list of top ten best-selling cars of all time, Volkswagen is a company that continues to go strong. With several awards for its well-known cars and SUVs, Volkswagen has continued to expand its family. With quality 2015 Volkswagen Leasing Available near Fife, it’s possible to find a Volkswagen car that fits you the best. The 2015 Volkswagen lineup includes the Jetta, a compact sedan; the Passat, a popular midsize sedan; the well-known Beetle; the Tiguan SUV; and many more. With cars known for their reliability and solid structure, Volkswagen is a good safety pick.

2015 Volkswagen Passat

The 2015 Volkswagen Passat is the all-rounder family sedan that features European-style driving manners and a fuel-efficient engine. The Passat is offered in four trims with three engines across them, including the Passat TDI Clean Diesel engine, which features a 2.0L engine good for 150 hp, and a 3.6L V6 engine that delivers an impressive 280 HP. The Passat also features best-in-class rear legroom, and plenty of cargo space options, as well as rear seats that can fold down to expand storage space. 2015 Volkswagen Leasing Available near Fife will get you the ability to drive a reliable, well-equipped car.

Beetle with 2015 Volkswagen Leasing Available near Fife

Everyone knows the Volkswagen Beetle; the Type 1 first debuted in 1938, and since then, the Beetle’s signature rounded look and bug-eyed headlights have been iconic on the road. The Beetle got a second design refresh recently in 2011, with a slightly lower profile that nevertheless maintained the Beetle’s famous silhouette.The 2015 Beetle that’s available for 2015 Volkswagen Leasing Available near Fife features three different engines and driving dynamics that allows it to hug every curve and take on every bend and twist in the road. With three main trims, buyers will have access to features such as an MP3 and WMA-compatible 8-speaker sound system, SiriusXM Satellite radio, Bluetooth with audio streaming, and more. Volkswagen has made all of its safety features standard on the Beetle, making it a shoe-in for anyone concerned with having the best in that technology on their car.

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