2015 Volkswagen Maintenance Available in TacomaHave you scheduled your 2015 Volkswagen Maintenance Available in Tacoma yet? Many car owners put off critical maintenance on their cars, from ignoring their oil light to continuing to use worn brake pads that make a squealing noise when applied. If you’ve been doing this, you’ve no doubt noticed a marked decrease in your car’s efficiency and performance. No car is exempt from this, not even the newest ones. Keeping up with your maintenance is a vital part of owning a car, so make sure you check with your manufacturer and with your mechanic for when you should get your preventative maintenance.

Preventive 2015 Volkswagen Maintenance

Your 2015 Volkswagen Maintenance Available in Tacoma will encompass both minor and major checks and repairs. Most small-interval maintenance includes checking the brake pads, oil, air filters, shock absorbers, tires, and other critical parts to make sure they don’t need to be replaced yet. Usually, your oil changes may coincide with your scheduled maintenance, but this isn’t a rule; if your engine oil light comes on, be sure to get that changed immediately. If any of these components are deemed to need replacement, your mechanic will do that at time of maintenance.

Maintenance also involves larger replacements, such as your timing belt. This belt (also called a “cam belt”) is the part of the engine that synchronizes crankshaft and camshaft rotation to govern opening and closing of the valves; without the timing belt, an engine won’t be able to run. Most manufacturers add the mileage interval to change the timing belt in the owner’s manual.

Preventative 2015 Volkswagen Maintenance Available in Tacoma is designed to keep your car from having worse breakdowns due to not being maintained well. Also, it’s better to replace your timing belt with a new one, rather than have it break on the road and pay for towing and replacement.

Save with 2015 Volkswagen Maintenance Available in Tacoma

Many people cite the cost of maintenance as the reason they don’t get it regularly. You can save money on your 2015 Volkswagen Maintenance Available in Tacoma with just a bit of attention to some details. As mentioned before, scheduling your maintenance as close as possible to your oil changes can save you time, allowing you to do it all in one go. It’s also good to remember that you don’t need to replace your oil too often—as long as you know that it’s clean, you’re good to go. If your Volkswagen’s new, you can also likely find a warranty for maintenance from the manufacturer, so make sure to research that, too.

Make sure you keep your vehicle maintained for a longer running vehicle. Larson Volkswagen of Tacoma can set you up with a maintenance schedule that’s affordable and convenient for you. Call us at (253) 205-0199 for more service information and to schedule an appointment.

28 Aug 2015